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What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape is amazing stuff! I use it with patients all the time. And it is not just for supporting your shoulder when you’re exercising. It is used for a number of reasons, support and stabilization being just one reason. What most people don’t realize is the effect kinesiology tape can have on pain relief as it de-sensitizes our nociceptors (pain nerve endings). A simple analogy to consider: when you bang your knee and apply pressure right away – feels better right? The tape works in a similar manner. Kinesiology tape is also effective for reducing swelling. The tape provides a lift to your skin to allow your lymph fluid to flow better. Have a nasty bruise or a nerve...

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Sleep Strategies

Tips for better sleep when exercising and/or recovering from an injury Ensure that your sleeping environment is a quiet, cool and dark place Try to avoid heavy meals and exercise 3 hours prior to bed time Limit screen time (computer work, phone use) prior to bed time, aim to shut off your technology approximately 1 hour prior to bed time Try to avoid alcohol and nicotine 3-6 hours priors to bed time Stop consuming caffeine 6 hours prior to bed time Adults should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night Children should get for 9-11 hours of sleep per night If you have low back pain, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees to neutralize...

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