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What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape is amazing stuff! I use it with patients all the time. And it is not just for supporting your shoulder when you’re exercising. It is used for a number of reasons, support and stabilization being just one reason. What most people don’t realize is the effect kinesiology tape can have on pain relief as it de-sensitizes our nociceptors (pain nerve endings). A simple analogy to consider: when you bang your knee and apply pressure right away – feels better right? The tape works in a similar manner. Kinesiology tape is also effective for reducing swelling. The tape provides a lift to your skin to allow your lymph fluid to flow better. Have a nasty bruise or a nerve...

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WorkOUT from Home

With the global pandemic, many of us have not been able to exercise as we are used to doing with gyms shutting down and more recently with the colder weather and less daylight hours. Consequently, this is impacting our health.  I hear on the news alarming stories: that children aren't as active, the average person has gained something like 16 pounds because of less exercise and more comfort food, and not to mention the impact on our mental health with stress, anxiety and depression rates on the rise.  Just because the weather is colder, gyms are shut down or are operating at a limited capacity, it doesn’t mean that your exercise routine should come to a halt.  Exercise has so many benefits,...

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Running Head to Toe: Alignment Fundamentals

Running is an excellent form of exercise as it is great for your cardiovascular health, bone density, strength, and endurance. Further, running is convenient, affordable, and for most, enjoyable. The “runner’s high” can be explained by the release of endorphins, the "feel good” hormones. Like any sport, running requires concentration and focus on your body’s biomechanics. A lot of people forget to stay mindful of how their body is moving while they are running, as they simply just go, which can be harmful as running with poor form can cause injury over time. I hope the following head-to-toe scan is something that you can utilize on your next run as a way to monitor your running form. Head and Neck: to...

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