Low Back Pain and Posture...Movement is Medicine!


Low back pain is one of the most common conditions that I treat in clinic. It has likely caused you, or a loved one, discomfort at some point. The good news is that our spines are resilient and you can learn how to manage your back pain.

With any medical diagnosis, there is a treatment recommended and with this a lifestyle change. The same applies for back pain treatment. Learning to manage back pain takes persistence and a change to your daily routine. Our spines do not like being in one position for too long as repetitive postures can put an unnecessary amount of pressure on our discs and joints in our back.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to counter these repetitive positions with changes in posture. Maybe you sit at a desk all day, and then you commute one-hour home from work, or maybe you stand all day in one spot. I recommend that you change positions every 20-30 minutes in order to counter the position you’ve been in (ie. if you’ve been sitting, stand up and move). A few other tips: try a stand up desk, take a short walk within your work station or on your lunch break, use a stool so that you can take sitting breaks, and so on.  If these strategies are not helping, I suggest you see a health care provider to help determine what is triggering your pain, and that way they can help you find a solution.

There are some serious conditions with back pain. See a health care provider if any of the following is occurring:

  • Pain travels into both legs
  • You have a loss of bowel and bladder control (go to ER as this is a medical emergency)
  • You have consistent night pain
  • You have pins and needles or numbness in your groin region

Unfortunately, there is not one magic solution for back pain, but I can assure you that posture changes throughout your day can go a long way. Let me know how you are changing your posture and what is working for you! If you would like to learn exercises for strengthening your back, check out our Back Builder E-Guide (coming soon)!

- Andi

Registered Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist


  • Stefan

    Thanks for this info Andi. I will be taking your advice to get out and walk more during the day and check out your stretching exercises with our new Nadora bands! Looking forward to the back builder guide!

  • Lauren

    Great post ! I often forget how important it is to have a strong healthy back and to be cognizant of my posture until my back does start bothering me and /or I injure it. Thanks for the tips! Look forward to future posts :)

  • Kaity M

    This is such great advice. I am guilty of sitting all day and commuting to and from the city resulting in a lot of discomfort in my lower back. I will definitely be taking your advice and moving more often throughout the day! Thank you for sharing this!

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