Coffee and Exercise


I love my morning cup of joe. I find comfort in my cup of coffee and it helps to get me energized for the day ahead. Coffee is a stimulant, in that it increases our heart rate and stimulates our central nervous system, which is why it is great when you roll out of bed! But can it help us get through our workouts? 

According to research from the American College of Sports Medicine, caffeine can have a performance enhancing effect on endurance exercise lasting more than 20 minutes such as swimming, running, and cycling. The stimulatory effects of caffeine usually peak between 30 and 75 minutes after ingestion. I personally enjoy a cup of coffee ~1 hour before an afternoon workout to help power me through.

The research surrounding caffeine and performance enhancement included dosages of 5-6 mg/kg of body weight. To put this in perspective, 1 cup of coffee is roughly 100 mg of caffeine. Increased ingestion did not result in greater gains, so remember, everything in moderation. Drinking too much coffee comes with side effects including: dehydration, restlessness, upset stomach, jitters, increased heart rate and so on.

We love Las Rosas from Balzac’s as this supports the Women’s Coffee Project – a focus on gender equality for women in Colombia to take on leadership roles on coffee farms. Check out their website for more information on how to order this soul soothing blend of beans. 

So why not enjoy a cup of coffee before your next Nadora workout! Cheers!

- Andi

Registered Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist

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