Eco-friendly Home: A Start

We have been trying to make our home a little more eco-friendly and I challenge you to do the same in honour of National Green Peace day! I thought I’d share a few simple things we’ve tried.

We are big fans of using natural cleaning products, such as Method all-purpose cleaners. Not only do these products work naturally to disinfect, leave your surfaces sparkling clean, but they also smell amazing! And as an added bonus, Method uses recycled materials for their packaging. I love the Pink Grapefruit all-purpose cleaner; I swear it smells so good I could drink it! With the stress of the current COVID19 pandemic, I can breathe easier (literally - by not breathing in chemicals) and fight germs thanks to the Method all-purpose anti-bacterial spray. My hands are also thanking me for using Method’s all-natural hand soaps which make your skin feel great.

We’re also trying to avoid using plastic bags, including ziplocks and plastic bags for produce at the grocery store. I love these adorable and reusable snack bags from Chickadee sold on amazon. Beeswax wraps are another way you can wrap and store food rather than using cling wrap. I recently made my own Beeswax wraps… forewarning: I made a big mess and it took way longer than expected, but worth it nonetheless!

We’ve also starting unplugging electronics when not in use - yes they drain your electricity. Easy things to unplug include your cell phone chargers, lap top chargers, toasters, and kettles…you name it. It is so simple, unplug!

We’ve also stopped buying plastic K cups. I recently read that the amount of plastic from these plastic pods that is in landfills could wrap around the earth 10x! THIS.IS.APPAULING. Those damn addictive little plastic pods are destructive. And to all of the Starbucks fanatics in Canada, you should know that Starbucks Keurig cups are only recyclable in B.C. On a positive note, it is so great to see that companies like McDonald’s and President's Choice are coming out with compostable single serve cups that can be used in the Keurig.

And those are some of the things we’ve been trying, we still have a lot to do but it is a start. I hope a few of you reading this will be inspired to make a change. Our Earth needs us. What have you already been doing to make your home a little more eco-friendly? We’d love to hear your strategies so we can all do our part to help our beautiful planet.


Registered Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist

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  • Jim

    Andi, I completely align to eco living. Method is a awesome product been using it for two years and in the past year changed all cleaning products at home and this year we started a change at cottage to Method. My coffee, I grind my own beans.

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