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Just Breathe

Did you know that we take approximately 23,000 breaths per day. We don’t notice our breathing because it is involuntary, but taking time to focus on breathing has so many positive health benefits. Focused breathing can help with relaxing your nervous system, slowing your heart rate, reducing stress, relaxing tight muscles, increasing circulation, massaging your colon to help with digestion, and so on! Try this focused breathing exercise to help you relax, unwind, refocus, and reduce tension: Find a comfortable position. A few of my favourite positions include: laying on your back with a pillow under your head and knees, sitting back in a chair with your feet on the floor, or relaxing into child’s pose Place your hands around...

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What is "the Core"?

Ever wonder why your fitness coach is always telling you to use your core? Read on for some expert tips, you're welcome! “Engage your core!”, “tighten your core”, "squeeze your core"... these are phrases we hear all the time from health and fitness professionals, but what exactly do they mean? What is "the Core" anyway? Let me get one thing straight, the core is not the 6 pack muscles that you see on Gerard Butler in the movie 300. The inner core is a group of muscles consisting of the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverse abdominis and the multifidi that work together to stabilize our spine and prepare us for movement. These muscles anchor our outer core muscles: our rectus abdominis, lats, adductors,...

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