Nadora Total Body Resistance Band Set (Set of 3 Bands)
Nadora Total Body Resistance Band Set (Set of 3 Bands)
Nadora Total Body Resistance Band Set (Set of 3 Bands)
Total Body Resistance Band Set (Set of 3 Bands) -

Nadora Total Body Resistance Band Set (Set of 3 Bands)

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Look no further, Nadora Total Body Fabric Resistance Bands are amazing for your at-home workouts, on the go while you travel, or take them with you to the gym to enhance your workout. These versatile bands are made from premium fabric and latex, they come in 3 different resistance levels to master your workout, anytime, anywhere.
We want you to stay healthy and strong, wherever you are.

Each Set Contains 3 Fabric Bands:
  • Mint – Light Resistance (10lb-20lb)
  • Pink – Medium Resistance (20lb-40lb)
  • Grey – Heavy Resistance (40lb-60lb)
  • Drawstring carrying case

Dimensions: 107cm x 3.5cm

Features and Benefits:

    • Durable: made from woven fabric that lasts.
    • Form: great results come from a combination of movement, healthy diet and proper muscle activation and form. Nadora bands help correct your form and keep you on track for achieving your goals.
    • Exercise: the Nadora Total Body Bands are incredibly versatile. You can use the bands to enhance your workouts, including; squats, deadlifts, lunges, bicep curls, tricep extensions and Russian twists. They are perfect substitutes for any existing resistance band exercises you are currently doing. They are also fantastic for helping you stretch (we loving using the light resistance band for stretching). You can also anchor the band against a pole to allow you to do so many workout variations.

Material: 40% Cotton, 60% Latex

Care Instructions: Our bands are hand washable. If they need to be washed then we advise to hand wash and leave them in the open air away from direct sunlight to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maddie Walinga
Total body bands

I love my total body bands from Nadora! Great quality and range of resistances. They have elevated my workouts and provided new variety. Thanks Vanessa and Andi!

Laura Elchyshyn
Total Body Bands

I have one of these bands in my home office. I grab it and throw down some exercises and stretches a couple of times a day to help get the blood pumping after sitting for too long. Versatile and practical!

Jenna Ancona
Excellent !

Love my new bands !! So convenient and handy to bring anywhere on the go !


The Nadora bands are great to rehabilitate from an injury and activate muscle groups to transition into heavier weights. I like the versatile range of motion for increasing intensity of a squat and lunge and achieving that deep yoga stretch!


I love using these bands for my at home workouts. They're super soft, don't slip and you can get so creative when doing different exercises because of their long lengths! I highly recommend these Nadora total body bands!