Preparing for the Golf Season to open up

While I am not the best golfer, I do love to get out and hit the fairways from time to time. With the current "stay at home" order in effect in Ontario, golf courses are unfortunately closed. This is devastating for so many of us! But, on the bright side, the delayed start to the golf season offers the perfect opportunity to get your body prepared for the upcoming season. 

Golf is a very technical sport when it comes to the demands required by your body. A golf swing requires seamless mobility in the hip and thoracic spine along with stability in our core and shoulder girdle. The power from the swing starts with your legs. 

Restrictions in any of these areas of the body are likely going to affect your swing. Try the following golf-specific exercises with your Nadora bands to help your swing:

  1. Hinge/swing
  2. Lateral jumps
  3. Squat + Diagonal Press (aka. wood chop) 
  4. 1/2 Kneeling Pallof Press 

Check out our instagram page for a video for a demonstration of these exercises! Please note, I am not a golf pro. I use my background as Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist to observe the biomechanics of the golf swing and have come up with these mobility recommendations. A Titleist Performance Institute Certified expert can further help by assessing your swing and making recommendations. 

I hope you enjoy your next round, whenever that may be! 

~ Andi

Registered Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist

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