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What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape is amazing stuff! I use it with patients all the time. And it is not just for supporting your shoulder when you’re exercising. It is used for a number of reasons, support and stabilization being just one reason. What most people don’t realize is the effect kinesiology tape can have on pain relief as it de-sensitizes our nociceptors (pain nerve endings). A simple analogy to consider: when you bang your knee and apply pressure right away – feels better right? The tape works in a similar manner. Kinesiology tape is also effective for reducing swelling. The tape provides a lift to your skin to allow your lymph fluid to flow better. Have a nasty bruise or a nerve...

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Wiggle Your Toes

In light of National Wiggle Your Toes Day, I thought I would share some exercises to help get those toes wiggling and feet moving. Why is it important to wiggle your toes and move your feet? The majority of shoes are not designed to allow your feet to function to their full potential, which can impact how the rest of your body moves. High heels cause calf tightening, narrow toe boxes squish your poor toes together, and rigid soles restrict your foot’s motion. These are a few of the problems associated with the modern shoes we wear today. Hence, why we need to exercise our feet outside of our shoes! Can you wiggle your toes? It can be surprisingly difficult because it is not something...

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